The Goldstream Group works with clients to develop evaluations to improve programs, demonstrate program effectiveness, and inform decision-making. Our staff is skilled in both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis, and we use multiple methods to provide programs with formative and summative data.

Program Evaluation Services

  • We provide on-site start-up assistance so that the evaluation is fully integrated into program implementation.
  • We design and select evaluation instruments and protocols based on goals and objectives.
  • We collect evaluation data through focus groups, online surveys, in-depth interviews, observations, document review, or mixed methods.
  • We synthesize and analyze evaluation data, qualitative and quantitative, as required.
  • We prepare thorough, accurate and easy to understand reports. Our evaluations use supporting data and analysis resulting in relevant findings and an extensive report covering evaluation objectives.

The Goldstream Group collaborates with a diverse group of clients to evaluate a wide variety of educational and social service programs.