Goldstream Group was established in 2003 with a single purpose: to help non-profit community organizations, school districts, tribes, health and social service providers, and universities improve the lives of Alaskans. We are dedicated to the idea that intentional data-driven program planning, development, and evaluation will help communities thrive. And we help organizations meet their goals by collaborating to assess community needs, conduct strategic planning, develop new programs, obtain federal, state, and private funding, and evaluate ongoing efforts.

Because our focus is on developing and evaluating programs that will improve the lives of Alaskans, we have developed vast experience in a wide range of subjects that matter to Alaskan communities. We have worked with educators to evaluate innovative professional development programs for teachers, new career and technical education programs that reach rural students, and implementation of proven science teaching methodologies. We have also worked with tribes to develop essential rural community infrastructure, as well as programs such as new health clinics, language revitalization initiatives, and innovative delivery of behavioral health care services. And we have worked with community organizations and coalitions to assess community needs around suicide, homelessness, and prescription opioid misuse, to develop innovative housing programs such as Housing First, and to evaluate community-wide substance abuse and suicide prevention programs. We have longstanding experience and a track record of client satisfaction that shows we get results.

Our experience working with a variety of organizations serving shared populations such as Native regional non-profit organizations, rural school districts, and university researchers, as well as the depth and breadth of our work across community sectors and throughout the state, allow our team to help identify partnerships, foster shared understanding, and deliver effective solutions that are tailored to fit a community’s needs, and take into account the array of factors unique to the people and communities of Alaska.

Finally, our work reflects our fundamental core values: integrity, dedication, and quality. We pride ourselves on listening to your needs first and foremost; we work together with our clients throughout the life of a project to ensure goals and outcomes are meaningful to your organization and your community, and to tell the compelling stories that you have to share.

So if we could sum up our firm in five words? Experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, dedicated, and principled. This is what you will find when you hire the Goldstream Group. Please feel free to contact us any time to learn more about us.